April 24, 2013

Review: Batman, Incorporated Issue 10

A major turning point begins here for the Dark Knight, as he continues to liberate Gotham City from the forces of Leviathan. Who is Batman's newest and unlikely ally though?

Writer Grant Morrison begins to swing the tide for Batman and his global war against Talia al Ghul in issue 10 of Batman, Incorporated. All the darkness and gloom in the aftermath of Damian Wayne's death has been cast aside by Morrison's latest chapter in the saga of this family strife.  Morrison instead rebuilds the momentum once again, in favor of Batman and team with heightened fervor and determination in each character. Last issue certainly served as the "day after" story and the various storylines introduced in issue 10, portrayed a regrouped Bruce Wayne and even Beryl, as she takes on her former mentor's identity, Knight, in some detective work.  Morrison's story takes readers from the far flung throes of Leviathan's many hideouts in a scene featuring captive Ras al Ghul, to the neighborhoods of Gotham City and the home of Kirk and Francine Langstrom (featured here again after debuting in Detective Comics issue 19).

Lest I forget, Morrison introduces a new ally for the Dark Knight, bringing perhaps another element from the pre-New 52 storylines of Batman, Incorporated. [SPOILERS] My guess, she's the one that broke his heart many years ago because of her alleged connection to Spyral.

Overall, Morrison's work on issue 10 recalls the same positive vibe and fervor we saw at the start of the series. Perhaps the darker days are past us with this story but with a scorned lover like Talia, you just never know what else Morrison has in store for the readers and the team.  Artist Chris Burnham provides the same wonderful artwork, month after month, especially in the closing scenes. I did like the "Gotham's Most Wanted" perspective page the most. The fill-in artwork featured some pages done by Jason Masters and Andrei Bressan. Bressan's work felt rough but was adequate in capturing some key elements.

Final Verdict: A

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