April 25, 2013

Review: Future Foundation Issue 6

A different type of villain plagues the Future Foundation as Scott Lang takes matters into his own hands. Also, things aren't too serene at headquarters either. What else could be troubling Scott?

Future Foundation issue 6 by writer Matt Fraction and guest artist Joe Quinones with it's many quirky elements and hidden surprises, is also a somewhat dark tale. The main antagonists as you can judge from the cover is none other than the Yancy Street Gang, who once again terrorize Darla Deering. Lang and Deering ultimately gain the upperhand here but it's safe to say that we haven't seen the last of these juvenile delinquents! Kudos to Deering for able to endure it all as some of the scenes were truly terrifying. Fraction and Quinones sneak in some internet-related elements in some of the scenes (tri-force!). Issue 6 also features several running subplots including the disappearance of Bentley-23 and Medusa, as a cameo by The Inhumans was a welcome surprise.

Scott Lang is going through some rough times here and who knows what his breaking point is in the coming issues. Quinones does a superb job filling in for Mike Allred. A lot of Quinones' panels and pages really stood out here. Both artists have almost similar styles and while I miss the way Allred adds a unique touch to each character's eyes, either one would be a good regular artist for me. A good enjoyable read with some dark comedy littered throughout!

Final Verdict: A

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