April 21, 2013

Batman: April New 52 Allies

April was quite a month for the Bat-Family. Characters previously not seen in the New 52 universe made their returns. Here's a rundown of some of Batman's newest allies.

Batwing Issue 19: Luke Fox

Young Luke takes on the new role of Batwing as David Zavimbe steps down and decides to fight injustice with his own means and ways.  Luke is of course related to certain WayneTech employee bearing the same last name!

Detective Comics Issue 19: Kirk and Francine Langstrom

We thought we'd see this famous couple debut in the Batman, Inc. series, and they both factor prominently in the anniversary issue of Detective Comics (which would have been issue 900).  The Langstroms were last seen in the Batman and Son storyline, held hostage by Talia al Ghul, for Langstrom's Man-Bat formula. 

Batman and Red Robin Issue 19: Carrie Kelley

Young Carrie was last seen in Frank Miller's classic Batman tale, "The Dark Knight Returns". Despite some disobedience and near brushes with death, she made a fine candidate to carry on the Robin mantle in that story. Ms. Kelley makes her New 52 debut as Damian's former tutor.


Batman, Incorporated Issue 10: Michael Lane

Lane was a former GCPD officer, one of the three selected men, chosen to replace Batman, should anything ever happen to the Dark Knight.  Lane eventually aided Dr. Simon Hurt during the "Three Ghosts of Batman" and "Batman R.I.P." storylines. He eventually redeemed himself and became the next incarnation of Azrael in the Batman mythos. 

Batman's allies have no doubt become younger and the welcome return of the Langstroms is a nice addition to the New 52 mythos again. To the extent, some of these characters will be used remains to be seen however. Don't miss these debut issues for these characters. Stay tuned, as the Dark Knight reaches a new point in his career with new allies to help him.

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Batman, Inc. issue 10 images courtesy Hero Complex.

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