April 29, 2013

Nowhere Men: Space Station Survivors

Lucky enough to have heeded Daniel Pierce's advice and take a chance on the teleportation device, here's a quick status guide on our remaining survivors from World Corp's secret space station remote site. 

Far from us to presume that Holly Jameson is deceased so we'll just list her as unconscious for the time being. The survivors were sent to two different locations, an iceberg and an abandoned factory as they walked in the teleportation field. Here's a rundown from issues 3 and 4 (the current issue as of this writing) on the members who escaped the space station explosion.


Daniel Pierce: slight physical changes; body is unaffected by weather conditions (issue 4)

Susan Queen: transformed from her physical state into perhaps a gaseous state? (issue 4)

Holly Jameson: still unconscious after a blast from the neck of David Burnett struck her (issue 2)

Karen Reynolds: no clear signs of physical changes yet due to virus infection (issue 1)


Kurt McManus: morphed from when we last saw him in issue one and two into his new physical form. Seems impervious to physical damage (issue 4)

Adra Madan: no clear signs of physical changes yet due to virus infection (issue 1)

Jackson Peake: virus effects have yet to fully reveal itself but did experience some sort of uncomfort recently (issue 4); appears to have mental ability to slow down/speed up objects (issue 5) [updated]

Stay tuned as the changes continue to develop!

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