May 6, 2013

Lazarus Pit: Batman and Robin

After Batman's crazed efforts in Batman and Red Robin issue 19 to revive Damian Wayne, just where is that last known Lazarus Pit? Dick Grayson and Batwoman should know.

During Bruce Wayne's absence as Batman at the hands of Darkseid in the Final Crisis miniseries, Dick Grayson took it upon himself to cover as the Dark Knight. Grayson teamed up with Damian Wayne to continue Wayne's legacy and protect Gotham City.  Further in the Final Crisis storylines, Grayson ends up unknowingly, with a dead clone of Wayne thinking it be to the real thing. Grayson sets up the transfer/revival and meets up with Knight and Squire in England for the last known Lazarus Pit. Batwoman is also there on an unrelated mission and ends up using the pit as well.

Batwoman in the Lazarus Pit!

Details of the story are featured in the "Blackest Knight" saga in volume 1 of the Batman and Robin series. Perhaps Bruce Wayne should be alerted of it's existence as well instead of attacking and capturing Frankenstein.

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