May 1, 2013

NOWHERE MEN: Cover Art Symbols Guide

The cover art for the Nowhere Men has been wonderfully minimalist at best, and each cover features a symbol indicative of that issue's content.

Each issue of Nowhere Men has featured a symbol by artist Nate Bellegarde and Fonografiks that ties in directly with the story, on the cover. Here's a guide to each symbol featured so far.

Issue 1: World Corp - The World Corp logo. Fairly obvious to see it utilized here considering it's the debut issue and also our introduction to the original four founders of World Corp.

Issue 2: World Corp Remote Site - Not necessarily evident in the issue but we later find out where this symbol is, in issue 3. the symbol represents the fate of our infected crew aboard the International Space Station purchased by World Corp.

Issue 3: Biohazard - The international symbol for substances that are possible threats to humans. Could the infected World Corp personnel pose a risk to their fellow citizens?

Issue 4: Cubiq - A product developed by World Corp. The device's capabilities have yet to be fully revealed. In issue 4 the item is used to access files within World Corp by Darrow Fletcher.

Issue 5: Grimshaw Holdings - The company logo for Simon Grimshaw's new venture. Set to compete directly against World Corp.

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