July 9, 2013


Who is the mysterious headmistress providing Batman, Incorporated with some support against Talia al Ghul and the forces of Leviathan? We think we know who she is. Massive spoilers ahead.


During the battle against Leviathan's forces in Gotham City, Wingman (secretly Jason Todd) is kidnapped by team mate The Hood and brought to a remote location (Batman, Incorporated issue 9, volume 2).

Batman, Incorporated Issue 10
 There, Wingman meets the mysterious Headmistress, which readers are actually introduced to for the first time as well (Batman, Incorporated issue 10). The identity of the Headmistress hasn't been fully revealed yet with the artists concealing her face.What stands out about the scenes featuring the Headmistress is the background design and motif, with the eye and web, similar to that of adorning Doctor Dedalus aka Otto Netz's base of operations (Batman, Incorporated Leviathan Strikes). Batman was once in a serious relationship with an heiress, who became infatuated with his heroism and ideals after watching him fight crime on the news (Batman, Incorporated, issue 4, volume 1). 

We believe that The Headmistress is none other than Kathy Kane, the original Batwoman.

Batman, Incorporated Issue 4 (volume 1)


Certain scenes in the current series with the Headmistress also show her wearing the same red shoes (Batman, Incorporated issue 9), like the one worn by a mysterious woman in the Leviathan Strikes issue:

Batman, Incorporated: Leviathan Strikes!
Nightwing recognizes her voice (Batman, Incorporated issue 12). He was still Robin at the onset of Kane's love affair with Batman:

Batman, Incorporated Issue 12
The final fate of Kane hasn't been revealed after she dissolved her relationship with Batman. This was due to a meeting with the villain Otto Netz and his revelation that he was her father. The eye/web motif similar to that of Netz, the red shoes and the scene with Nightwing seemingly point to the return of Kathy  Kane in Bruce Wayne's life and in effect, completes the Ouroboros/circle theme.

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