July 23, 2013

Review: Justice League of America Issue 6

Trinity War continues as the center of the battle himself, Superman ends the fight between the two teams. More secrets are revealed as Wonder Woman goes searching for answers! A surprise ending that affects both teams awaits readers of this epic confrontation!

Writer Geoff Johns and Jeff Lemire's Trinity War crossover event continues in issue 22 of Justice League America.  We get the JL's perspective this time around as Superman brings the showdown between both teams to a grinding halt as only he can. Interestingly enough, the human side of Superman wins over and the Man of Steel doesn't truly participate in any of the fisticuffs. Instead, Johns and Lemire portray a touching moment in all of the intrigue with both sides coming to an eventual cease fire. Johns and Lemire keep the suspense going here with Superman throughout most of the issue, revealing some startling changes with the Man of Steel. Only one person seems to notice so far and that happens to be the Dark Knight himself.

The scenes between these two hallowed allies almost overshadows the book's title and it's members. Which leads to my only complaint in that the Justice League characters seem to dominate this issue's storyline despite some small focus on the JLA characters. If this crossover event is meant to draw interest with this Justice League title, then at least highlight some of the members in more pages other than spotlight the big two characters of the New 52, again. The surprise ending involving a certain JL member kind of makes up for it.

Artist Doug Mahnke blows the doors off when it comes to the artwork here. Simply amazing with page after page of glorious artwork inked by an army of inkers! You'll find just a few droolworthy two-page spreads though. The facial expressions on the characters is amazing too!

Final Verdict: B

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