July 11, 2013

Review: Uncanny X-Men Issue 8

One mutant leaves Cyclops' team, are the others waiting to bail out on him as well? How will Scott Summers and team cope with this departure?

After the spectacular battle with Dormammu, it's no surprise that some of these young recruits would want to immediately leave the team. Writer Brian Michael Bendis captures that fear and trauma especially well in the current issue of Uncanny X-Men issue 8.  No one can just wake up one day and become a hero and protect the world from evil.  Bendis takes the readers in the mindset of Fabio and presents someone who isn't quite ready for all the adventure and risk that comes with such responsibilities. Clearly, we see someone who is coming to terms with this new role and realizes it's not all glamorous. As much as Emma Frost and Scott Summers do their best to remind Fabio of his responsibilities with his powers, Bendis doesn't need to prolong the scene as we can see with Fabio's emotions. All is not lost on Cyclops and team, coming to terms with this loss. The Karen and David subplot promises more intrigue and fun in the issues to come because after all, there are more mutants out in the world, some ready to be a part of this team. The cover art is somewhat misleading regarding Magneto and Summers, but rest assured Bendis doesn't disappoint with what happens with these two.

Gone...but for good?

I will miss Frazer Irving's artwork but it's nice to welcome back Chris Bachalo. Both artists deliver some outstanding yet distinct work to the title.  Bachalo sticks to some strict panel work in this particular issue.  Many pages offer differing sizes to convey the scenes. The lettering is also a marvel to the book, adding some depth with the sound effects to the panels. A great issue lacking much in action but plenty in comedy and drama.

Final Verdict: A
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