August 15, 2013

Review: Saga Issue 13

The adventures of the dysfunctional family continue, with The Will still hot on their trail! Will they finally find D. Oswald Heist?

[Slight spoilers]

Seems like an eternity when we last caught up with Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples' space-adventure-drama Saga.  The long wait is over with Saga issue 13 as Vaughan and Staples deliver a solid story complete with the same angst and action readers have clamored for. You'll see these same elements that have been the hallmark of the series again in issue 13.

The series alone should not be defined by the recent controversy surrounding the graphic images, as Vaughan's depiction of emotion and human virtue truly elevate the series to an unseen level of greatness. One moment we're transported to a hospital bed in a Landfallian Army Medical Center and the next we're seeing Alana and Klara engaging in an argument. It's these scenes as well as many others in issue 13, that remind us why we enjoy this series. Not to mention the brilliant dialogue either! There's a few more brilliant scenes in issue 13 that I won't mention because they are truly worth your time. Furthermore, Vaughan is quite good with the scene transitions, leaving enough for readers to consume and clamor for, until the next issue.

Is there left to be said about Fiona Staples' wonderful work? Not as detailed as say, Jim Lee or Sara Pichelli, Staples' work conveys enough depth to capture Vaughan's script from the moment we met Alana, Marko and Hazel. Though nothing too spectacular in this issue, Staples' continually has some amazing panels for readers to enjoy. It's also the color work that brings a wonderful balance between the backgrounds and the characters.

Final Verdict: A

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