August 5, 2013

Review: The Wake Issue 3

The action and mystery continues as Scott Snyder and Sean Gordon Murphy deliver some satisfying chills in The Wake issue 3. More details are revealed about the mysterious creature with some unpleasant circumstances for all!

Writer Scott Snyder and artist Sean Gordon Murphy certainly don't disappoint with the third installment of their Vertigo Comics maxiseries The Wake. The terror and suspense dominate issue 3 and take hold of Lee Archer herself when things aren't what they seem down in the depths of the ocean in the Ghost Rig! Archer succumbs to the creature's powerful hallucination spells as do other crew mates with terrifying and tragic consequences for some! Snyder creates many layers of tension and drama within the individual scenes featuring the many scientists and crew, readers will certainly lose themselves in the scenes as well. Who knows what lies ahead for Archer and the rest, if even the marine biologist herself can succumb to such forces! The shift in time within the story isn't as confusing as it was in the first issue. The dark tones and rough style of Murphy provide the perfect setup for Snyder's script.

Issue 3 is also filled with a blend of action and more interesting revelations from Archer about elements of the creature. This is delivered in the scenes leading up to issue 3's final pages and the setup for issue 4.  Snyder again, guides the reader through each panel towards the finale. The usual flashback scenes we've seen littered through issue 1 are again here, connecting the past and the present leading up to events that will certainly tie both together. It's interesting to see what will happen to a certain character after being bitten by the creature - if anything!

Final Verdict: A

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