September 23, 2013

Review: Justice League of America/Shadow Thief 7.3

Take a peek inside the tragic origin of Shadow Thief! 

Shadow Thief's dizzying origin done by veteran scribe and former Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Tom DeFalco, is a nice mix of action and captivating drama.  DeFalco's story blends covert action and intrigue as told by the new Shadow Thief herself. The tale shifts at a pretty fast pace throughout the issue that it may confuse some readers as to which point in the story, we're actually at. Within the timeline confusion though, DeFalco adds in a horrific start to the new adventures of Aviva Metula.

Shadow Thief vs. Thanagarians!

Artist Chad Hardin's hazy style will truly awe readers with some superb panel work and dead-on facial expressions.  You'll get to see more of his work in the upcoming Harley Quinn series. DeFalco's story adds science-fiction elements along with a devastating origin for Metula in that you may end up cheering her on. The ending remains mysterious, lacking any clues if she'll further appear in A.R.G.U.S. for Matt Kindt's upcoming Forever Evil tie-in.

Final Verdict: 8/10

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