October 1, 2013

Review: Detective Comics/Man-Bat 23.4

Husband and wife battle it out in this tale written by Frank Tieri. Can Kirk and Francine Langstrom work things out during Batman's disappearance?

Not an origin story but a simple tale delving into other residents of Gotham City during 'Villains Month', and the chaos that ensues while the Dark Knight is missing. Kirk and Francine Langstrom, recently introduced in the New 52, take the spotlight in this issue with husband and wife battling each other in their bat personas. Scot Eaton provides some great artwork, complementing Tieri's script with some great perspectives and knock out panels. Tieri focuses on Kirk's increasing and erratic behavior as a result of the Man-Bat formula. Eaton does a great job capturing the madness of it all with Kirk succumbing more and more to the bat persona. The Francine portion of the story doesn't get a resolution but we may see her again. How this story plays out into regular continuity remains to be seen.

Kirk Langstrom...a monster too?

Newer readers may be confused at the sudden detoriation of Kirk and Francine's relationship and the fast-paced nature of this story. With the Langstrom's relationship in sudden turmoil, it does make for good drama though. I do like Kirk's new role as a possible anti-hero in future storylines and as evident of Batman's disappearance, we sure could use more heroes in Gotham City these days. Tieri has made a compelling case for fans to clamor for Man-Bat's return in the series.

Final Verdict: 8/10

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