October 2, 2013

Review: Hinterkind Issue 1

A blend of science fiction and fantasy awaits you in this thrilling debut issue! Can our heroine Prosper Monday survive the terrifying world outside of post-apocalyptic Manhattan? 

The premise of Hinterkind attracted me instantly and I always enjoy these kinds of stories set in a post-apocalyptic future. There's a twist with the series and from what has been revealed so far in that, it's not a barren or wasteland kind of Earth. At least for now. Instead, Mother Nature has returned the planet back to it's lush roots with the issue revealing dense jungles amid the forgotten debris. Along with the fauna, a new breed of mythical creatures, known as The Hinterkind, live among the survivors of the great tragedy known as The Fall.

Prosper Monday shows off her skills!

Writer Ian Edginton presents a coming age of story set the backdrop above, with our heroine Prosper Monday venturing out of her safety zone and into the wild. Prosper displays the same eager, adventurous and carefree qualities, that this book's intended audience (Hunger Games) would truly approve of. As Edginton displays in the debut issue, Prosper is in for the education of her life. The lush fauna drawn by artist Francesco Trifogli stands out among other post-apocalyptic works that come to mind (I Am Legend is a close reminder here). Trifogli adheres to basic panel style in his work here but adequately captures the emotions of the characters quite well. Edginton doesn't fully reveal too much of what transpired beforehand with The Fall, but certainly will dazzle you with the opening scenes leading up to the reveal. Edginton's characters come off really likable with two protagonists for readers to enjoy. You should see the horrors that they have to confront with.

 Final Verdict: 9/10

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