June 26, 2014

The Walking Dead Issue 127 and 128: Pandora's Box

A new beginning for Rick Grimes brings calm...and perhaps a new threat?

Despite the walker threat still surrounding their daily lives, the time jump reveals a more peaceful period and setting for Rick Grimes and the group. The arrival of new characters certainly brings some tension, which is expected given the world they reside in.  Perhaps the most interesting elements of issue 127, is the return to normalcy of some sorts with the food production and the relative ease and calmness of life for Grimes and company.  That's not to say they haven't faced any other threat or issues besides Negan, but writer Robert Kirkman presents a form of tranquility for the group.

Of course, new character Magna and her group certainly bring some sort of uneasiness that we associate, when people for the first time.  Is Magna a bigger threat down the road for Grimes and the community that's slowly rising up to recovery? We can't say for now but it does draw parallels to "Pandora's Box" and a certain prisoner, Grimes has holed up.  It may lead down that road story-wise and as evidenced in issue 128, Magna is certainly a curious one and not so trustful yet, of their possible new home.

Final Verdict: 8.0

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