June 26, 2014

Arrow - Teen Titans Villains

Fans of the highly popular Arrow TV series, may not realize the many villainous elements that are connected to another great comic-book series, The Teen Titans.

The New Teen Titans comic-book series gained wide acclaim during the 1980s. The series featured former sidekicks such as Robin, Speedy, Kid-Flash and Wonder Girl, in addition to several other young members.  It rivaled The Uncanny X-Men for accolades during that same period as well.  If you've been enjoying The CW Network's "Arrow" television series for the past two seasons, two key characters have appeared in addition to regular member Roy Harper, such as Deathstroke and Sebastian "Brother" Blood, and have certainly made their impact:

Slade Wilson aka "Deathstroke"
First Appeareance: New Teen Titans vol.1, issue 2

He was initially contracted to eliminate the group, after the failure of another mercenary, Grant Wilson. Unbeknownst to him, Grant was actually Slade son's and from then on, the team and Deathstroke were sworn enemies, with Slade holding the team responsible for Grant's death.

Sebastian Blood aka "Brother Blood"
First Appearance: New Teen Titans vol.1, issue 21

A being of immense strength and invulnerability who fed off the energy of his followers in the "Church of Blood".  He was seemingly defeated by the team when he tried to branch out the Church beyond the borders of his country.

Isabel Rochev
First Appearance (Rose Wilson): Deathstroke issue 15

The costume worn by Rochev in several episodes throughout Season 2 is based on Rose Wilson's. Rose aka the second Ravager, is the daughter of Slade Wilson. Rose was also a member of the Teen Titans.

Along with the H.I.V.E. mention, there's no doubt that Teen Titans stories have influenced the stories and the direction of the Arrow series. Despite deviating from their original character histories, Deathstroke and Brother Blood have been pleasant surprises in an action-packed second season. We look forward to Arrow season three and more surprises from this classic series.

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