July 14, 2014

Preview: Fables Issue 145 Cover Artwork

Here's a peek at two different versions of Fables issue 145. One is the final cover artwork and the other is a work-in-progress version. 

Issue 145 will be released on October 15 as part of Vertigo Comics' "Defy" month where the story originates from the cover itself.

Official Solicitation:

A Vertigo “Defy Covers” issue! Chapter five of “Happily Ever After!” In the aftermath of Bigby’s battle with Beast, Rose Red and Snow draw their lines in the sand, but it turns out sand is a crappy medium in which to draw anything with clarity. In the meantime, Fables begin leaving for the Homelands – but is it even possible for them to go home again? Also featuring the Last Story of Cinderella in which the fabled blonde faces her toughest assignment yet.

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