December 29, 2014

Arrow Season 3: Oliver Queen and Crew

With Oliver Queen, down for the count in the mid-season finale, who will step up and protect Starling City?

The shocking mid-season finale left Arrow fans stunned and bewildered as to the fates of Oliver Queen and his teammates. While Oliver Queen seems down for the count after his duel with Ras' Al Ghul, there are many capable heroes ready to protect Starling City if and when Ollie returns:

Roy Harper
Oliver Queen's loyal sidekick will have to step up to the plate and take over for Team Arrow. Harper is Starling City's best hope for a protector.  Roy's had some issues in the past with the Mirakiru drug and it remains to be seen how it will impact him in the episodes ahead.

Laurel Lance
Laurel is determined to continue her late sister's crime-fighting legacy. We've seen the promotional pictures of Laurel as the new Canary so there's no holding her back. Despite training sessions with Ted Grant, Laurel lacks the experience necessary to be on the same level as Sara Lance was. Time will tell.

Ray Palmer
Palmer remains a wildcard in the aftermath of Queen's apparent demise. Will he rise to the occasion and aid Felicity Smoak and Team Arrow? He does have the technology they may need!

The second half of Arrow season 3 remains exciting as ever with the possible rise in character development of the show's cast.  It would be a perfect opportunity to show the other heroes left behind while Oliver Queen remains incapacitated.

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