December 15, 2014

Constantine and Zed: The Resurrection Crusade

The Constantine mid-season finale proved tragic for both John and Zed. Based on the comics, here's what we think will transpire when the show returns.

[ Slight Spoilers ]

The recent Constantine TV series mid-season finale certainly didn't disappoint with it's tragic cliffhanger ending for both our protagonists.  Although you can say, Johnny got the worst of it though. The episode seems to mirror and setup the "Resurrection Crusade" storyline from the Hellblazer comics. The same circumstances Zed faced in the "The Saint of Last Resorts" episode almost bear a resemblance to her comic-book counterpart's similar abduction. The settings may be different but there's no doubt it's similar:

Resurrection Crusade comes for Zed
It only goes downhill from there for Zed, as her past is revealed. Whether the television series will go this route remains to be seen. If it follows through, this means Zed's immediate adventures with Johnny and his crew could be coming to a close. 

Zed and Johnny: better days ahead or not?

A hint of what's to come?
John Constantine was in a life-threatening situation in the mid-season finale. He undergoes a successful recovery thanks to an unlikely person or being, in the comics' "Resurrection Crusade" storyline. Again, it remains to be seen whether the series will adapt this aspect of John's revival. The term "brujeria" is a major hint, that we just might.We'll have to wait and see!

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