July 14, 2011

OSX Lion System Requirements

Will your current computer be able to run Mac OSX Lion successfully? Here's what the system requirements are to fully enjoy the new operating system.

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Full screen apps
Apple's upcoming operating system OSX Lion will debut in July. It will be available as a download file from the App Store for the price of $29.  The App Store icon is located on the left-hand side of your dock. The operating system has 250 new features including full screen apps, AirDrop (file sharing), multi-touch gestures and other system improvements and features. Apple's media application Front Row will not be included and Adobe Flash Player will have to be installed manually. You can prepare for the Lion install by backing up your files (as you normally would anyway) onto an external or secondary drive through Apple's Time Machine service.

OSX Lion requires an Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 GB of system memory, and 4 GB of hard drive space. Although we recommend you upgrade your existing memory and doubling it. Computers running Core Duo and Core Solo processors will not be compatible with this upgrade. To see what your computer's specifications are, you simply click the Apple icon at the top left of the desktop screen and select "About This Mac". You will need to be running the current Snow Leopard operating system as well. Additionally, it is recommend that you install the latest Snow Leopard updates. Users will not be able to upgrade from the Leopard operating system.


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