November 28, 2011

The New 52: Batman The Dark Knight Issue No. 3 Review

Continuing the surprise villain at the end of issue 2, Batman battles another old and familiar enemy. However, is it really who we think it is? Plus, a speedy friend comes to the aid of Gotham's greatest hero. Can Batman find out what's going on with all these pumped-up supervillains running around?

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Batman The Dark Knight features another furious fight with Batman's nemesis Clayface. Like the previous confrontation with Two-Face in issue 2, The White Rabbit is once again teamed up with another Batman villain. Clayface and the Dark Knight fight to a loss for the villain. Before she tries to inject Batman with some sort of serum, The Flash comes to the rescue. However, The White Rabbit makes her escape.

The White Rabbit has the Dark Knight in her clutches
The Flash helps out the Dark Knight one more time!
The Dark Knight confronts Detective Forbes and gives him an ultimatum regarding his interference and harassment. Not before, the Dark Knight hurls the injured remains of Clayface on top of Forbes' car though! Jaina Hudson and Bruce Wayne finally get to go on that date at her behest and she drops more hints to perhaps, her other identity? A puzzled Bruce Wayne tries to make the connection. The Flash once again teams up with Batman, who discovers some more information about the cause of the adrenaline-enhanced villains he has been battling lately. However, an unfortunate mishap befalls one of the heroes before they can continue on their new discovery!

The Good: David Finch's artwork is simply mindblowing! Paul Jenkins has continually crafted a story filled with twists and turns. I hope The White Rabbit isn't who we think it is!

The Bad: Not pleased with the amount of blood depicted since the initial issues.

Final Verdict: A


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