November 28, 2011

Next Gen XBOX Rumors

According to Chris Davies over at Slashgear, Microsoft is planning two types of models for the next iteration of it's XBox console. One would be an entry-level model targeting casual gamers and would be more media services-ready (Netflix, etc.) as it relates to a set-top box and the other console model would be specific towards gamers.  Of course, there could be a difference with internal hardware as well, with the gamer-centric model sporting more powerful processors and an internal graphics chip. Quite similar to the PC gaming genre where you had a choice of low-end CPUs and graphics cards and then contrast that with more powerful graphics cards with additional on-board memory for gaming.  Those opting for the entry-level model could end up paying more for peripherals and other possible accessories.

Of course the real question is, when is Microsoft launching these rumored next gen consoles? Well, with the debut of the Wii U next year, another rumor is that Microsoft might debut the next version of the XBox in 2012. You can bet that Sony's Playstation 3 successor won't be far behind either.

via Slashgear; Eurogamer

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