November 17, 2011

REVIEW: Avenging Spider-Man #1

Spidey teams up in a new ongoing monthly! How does the new book fare?

Growing up, Marvel Team Up was one of my favorite books, mainly because it starred Spider-Man. It was also more casual than the regular Spidey books, and didn't require too much continuity knowledge. The new Avenging Spider-Man is essentially a modern day Marvel Team Up; readers are treated to a standalone story starring your friendly neighborhood wall crawler and another Marvel hero. It's an idea that worked then, and one that works even now. Judging from the title it's likely Spider-Man will be regularly paired with a member of the Avengers. In this issue Spidey teams with the Red Hulk as Moloids attack runners in the New York Marathon.

Avenging marks the return of writer Zeb Wells to the character of Spider-Man, but also more notably legendary artist Joe Madureira's return to comics in general. It goes without saying, the art in Avenging Spider-Man is beautiful. Fans of Joe Madureira will love this book, and I honestly only purchased it because of him. The guy has a unique style and he knows how to draw a good action scene. His art could tell the story on it's own.

Yes, the art is clearly the star of the book but the writing in Avenging #1 is also superb. I'll admit the story falls a tad short in terms of plot, but Zeb Wells characterizes the book's stars extremely well. Though the issue jumps right into the action and never lets up, Wells still captures the fun, wise-cracking side of Spider-Man, and also creates a nice chemistry with Red Hulk. Overall it's a very fun-oriented book and a nice change from some of the "No One Dies" seriousness over in Amazing Spider-Man.

THE GOOD: A well written Spider-Man story, and a fresh take on an old, favorite concept. More importantly, it's FUN! Casual Spidey fans will love this book.

THE BAD: Issue is too short! :(

THE ART: Joe Madureira? Um. YEAH. :)


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