December 16, 2011

Algorridim DJ app for iPhone

If you've ever wanted to learn to DJ but lacked the ability to pick up some turntables for practice, then relax because there's an app for that. DJ equipment whether it's turntables, mixers and other accessories can cost a pretty penny to assemble. Fortunately for aspiring professional DJs everywhere, Algoriddim's DJ ap for both iPad and yes the iPhone, allows you to practice your mixing skills, add scratching effects and even tweak your tracks in their own unique way. All this can be accomplished at an affordable cost while leading the way towards professional gigs at events.

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The simple interface allows users to pull songs from the iTunes/Music library stored on their iPhones or iPads. For a larger selection of tracks and different styles of music, we suggest utilizing a larger capacity iOS device or getting rid of other apps and media on your devices! Songs can take up a lot of space before you even realize it. Depending on your particular tastes, a 64GB device would be sufficient. What's convenient is the iTunes app that allows you to download songs immediately to your library.

Add effects to your mixes
Having a large and varied iTunes library helps
The various effects provided allow for echo, "phaser" sounds and a lot more tweaks to add to your mix. You can even change the BPM speed for your songs. In addition, you can also record your own mixes and upload them directly to your computer when you sync your iOS device. Aspiring DJs should give Algoriddim's DJay app a try as it can prepare you to practice your mixes and DJ skills, should you ever decide to spin records for a living.

Download for iPhone:
djay for iPhone & iPod touch – Scratch. Mix. DJ. - algoriddim

Download for iPad:
djay - algoriddim

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