December 15, 2011

NBA 2K12 Roster Update

UPDATE: The 1.3.5 roster update is available now!

UPDATE: Since this entry was written over a week before the start of the NBA season on Christmas, we expected a roster update after the holidays. Sadly, like the rest of you we're still waiting for the anticipated roster updates. Stay tuned, we may get one soon enough!

If you've ever had to deal with roster updates for some of your favorite sports video games then fret no more. The recent 1.2.8 update available for NBA2K12 for iPhone includes a new feature that checks automatically for roster updates. It launches at the onset of the main menu. This is a great asset for anyone who's ever had to keep track of not only their favorite team, but other NBA squads, in order to try to keep up with the latest player trades, team signings and current lineups. After all, guard Chris Paul may no longer be with the New Orleans Hornets at the start of this upcoming season! You are given the option to turn off the update if you'd rather do it manually. With the NBA season launching on Christmas Day this new feature from 2K Sports will provide gamers with the latest lineup updates for your team rosters.

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    but roster updates is it my ipod or there is no roster update ? everytime it checks theres no roster update ? is it gnna come or ?

  2. Yeah we don't know what's going on either. Maybe there will be an update by the All Star Break. We're playing the Milwaukee Bucks!