January 7, 2012

DC Comics: The New 52 December 2011 Run Down

AQUAMAN #4 - "The Trench" arc concludes here in issue #4. Another superb issue by Geoff Johns. I know it's crazy but he just knows exactly what we fan boys want to see, and continues to show just how awesome the Aquaman character really is. Aquaman is a perfect example of the purpose of the entire New 52 reboot. Unfortunately it did feel a tad rushed towards the end, and I almost felt like it could have been another issue long, but its a minor set back. Great art by Ivan Reis.

NIGHTWING #4 - This was a fun issue and is what Batgirl #3 should have been! I just eat up members of the Bat-family working together, and Barbara Gordon with Dick Grayson are as epic of a duo as you can get. Since issue #1, Kyle Higgins has shown why Dick Grayson was meant to be Nightwing. Trevor McCarthy took over on pencils for this issue, and as much as I loved Eddy Barrows's art it's a welcome change. Unfortunately story-wise this issue was pretty much filler. But welcome filler.

GREEN LANTERN #4 - First off, pick up the variant cover for this issue if you can! Great issue and we see more of Sinestro's abilities and just how great of a Green Lantern he was/still is. I've said it before, but the love-hate dynamic between Hal and Sinestro makes for a fun read. However, the current story is starting to drag just a little, and I want things to move on. As usual excellent artwork by Doug Mahnke. Can't wait for issue #5, but I seriously hopefully the whole "Let's save Korugar" arc ends too.

BATMAN & ROBIN #4 - What I love about Batman and Robin is that while it's a great book with a great villain, its primary focus is on the actual relationship between the father and son team of Bruce and Damian as they try to work together. Unfortunately for them (but fortunately for us) they still haven't gotten it right. Props to Peter Tomasi on his characterizations of the two, particularly Damian. Definitely my second favorite Bat-book of the New 52 and still the DC book with perhaps the most appropriate title.

ACTION COMICS #4 - Another fantastic issue by Grant Morrison, and four issues in his run on Action Comics is flawless so far. It's going to be difficult waiting until #7 to see this arc through! The current arc is taking a two issue break, but in the mean time we get Morrison's take on Superman's actual origin for issues #5 and #6! Also can't wait for Andy Kubert's pencils on the next two issues.

BATGIRL #4 - My least favorite book of the New 52, and I only picked this up to see the current arc through to the end. I wish I could say this issue was better than the first three but I was just as disappointed. I'm just happy it's over and maybe we can start fresh next month.

SUPERMAN #4 - Since I'm loving what's going on in Action Comics, I picked this book up on a whim, just to see what it was like on the other side of the Superman fence. Ugh. At least the art was good. Next...

SWAMP THING #4 - Another great issue by Scott Snyder. No Yanick Paquette art this issue, but the story is so deep and captivating I never even noticed. With that said, the art is just as amazing as ever. A couple of gruesome panels but what would you expect? :) Despite the DC logo on the front I'd swear this was a Vertigo book of the past. I've said it before, but you really need to be reading this book alongside Animal Man and vice versa. A crossover is everything but official at this point.

TEEN TITANS #4 - Superboy appears! Four issues in, and probably the best issue so far. Unfortunately that's still not saying a lot. I'm extremely biased only because I was a big Teen Titans fan before the New 52 reboot, and also being a bigger Tim Drake fan, I'm still not feeling the DCnU version of him. Anyway, in this issue the Teen Titans are finally all in one place, and this arc is finally showing some promise. But what's up with Kid Flash's costume?

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