January 9, 2012

Review: Preacher: War In The Sun

Perhaps the most defining moments in Garth Ennis' run on Preacher was the War in the Sun saga, that he put Jesse Custer through. This miniseries within a series was the start of many profound changes for the characters ahead in the series. Just as we thought our heroes had survived whatever Starr had pummeled at them, Ennis throws in a twist at the end. The emotional toll on Tulip was simply too much as once again, Jesse is separated from her.

The Preacher: War in the Sun paperback collects issues 34 through 40 of the original Preacher Series. Also included is the Preacher Special: One Man's War. This one-shot special edition focused on Starr and look at his past. The great thing about this collection is that is that readers could start off or pick up from where they left off within the series, without missing much from the previous issues. In fact this collection doesn't feature any minor characters from previous storylines.

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In War In the Sun, Starr closes in on Jesse and his comrades Cassidy and Tulip, in the desert. Of course somebody else, joins the fray, as the Saint of Killers is also on the scene. Through his connections with the Grail Star has been provided with many weapons and firepower at his disposal to use against Jesse Custer. While Starr ultimately fails in killing both Custer and The Saint, the shocking end will stun readers just as much as Tulip, ultimately discovers.  War in The Sun also leads to a darker period for Tulip for the rest of the series. Even Starr goes through a rough outcome as well.

Ennis crafts an exceptional tale where the reader is taken on a rollercoaster adventure and won't like the end of the ride.  You'll gasp in shock just as much as Tulip did when this saga is over.  War In The Sun serves as a moment when we are at ease with Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy as a team together on this great adventure.  We thought they had been through enough and dealt with whatever Starr and The Grail could put them through.  We weren't prepared and expecting such an tumultuous ride with this miniseries within a series, as was in this collection.

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