February 21, 2012

REVIEW: Batman #6

After last month's phenomenal issue, what's in-store for Batman?? "I know that I am sick to death of owls!" says the Caped Crusader. Spoilers ahead!

Batman #6 features a much needed "win" for the Caped Crusader after an eerie struggle in last month's #5. Trapped in the Court's maze for over a week, Bruce has been clearly pushed to his physical and mental limits. Although any casual fan of Batman knows that he always manages to survive whatever predicament he gets caught in, Scott Snyder definitely raises the reader's gauge of the Dark Knight's limits here and makes it entirely believable.

But despite this, Bruce manages to collect himself (like I said - he's BATMAN, people) and makes an escape, but not before an epic and brutal showdown between him and Talon, the Court of Owls' assassin. I especially enjoyed Bruce's inner thoughts and dialogue as he came to grips with himself and the situation.
The art also particularly shines again in this issue. The fight between Batman and Talon is brutal, and Greg Capullo depicts and illustrates the action well to Scott Snyder's script. The entire issue is actually only ONE scene, and never cuts away from the action. Because of this the issue feels incredibly short, only because the story is so intense and extremely fast paced. It's certainly not a bad thing but obviously will leave most nail-biting to find out what's next.

THE GOOD: Still going strong as the best book of the New 52. A very intense and fast paced issue that will leave you wanting more. It was nice to see Batman finally get a win.

THE BAD: The issue moves so quickly that it feels entirely too short.

THE ART: Another great issue by Greg Capullo and team. The fight scene is done incredibly well.


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