March 6, 2012

Earth 2: Issue 2 Cover Art Sneak Peek

In a Newsrama interview with Earth 2 writer James Robinson, a few more scant details of the forthcoming title were revealed.  One important aspect to understand is that the Earth 2 we've all come to known, is "not your father's Earth 2".  It's a parallel Earth with Golden Age heroes such as the original Flash, Jay Garrick and the original Green Lantern, Alan Scott, taking on new roles and costumes but also sharing the spotlight with Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman.  Garrick is a much younger character in this parallel Earth and is the subject of issue 2's cover artwork pictured above.

Definitely not the Earth 2 as we knew it!

Robinson further states that Earth 2 will be a complete reboot of the Earth 2 concept.  The characters behind the masks will not be the same but yet won't stray too far from their DCU Earth counterparts. Although, it's been revealed that Lois Lane is deceased in this timeline. While the core trinity characters will play a major role, you can expect the series to focus on other superheroes that inhabit the parallel Earth.

Stay tuned for more details from the upcoming title premiering in May.

Via Newsrama

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