April 3, 2012

Beware The Batman

A new animated Batman series, "Beware The Batman", has been announced by Cartoon Network in conjunction with Warner Bros. Animation, and is scheduled to premiere in July 2013.  The new CG-based series features the Dark Knight in bold new adventures consisting of villains that haven’t made their appearances for the general viewing public. For instance, episodes will feature villains such as Anarky, Professor Pyg and much more, from Batman’s rogue’s gallery.  A new take on Alfred Pennyworth as former secret agent lending his experience to the Dark Knight, along with Katanna (from the Outsiders series), are some of the new elements for the series.

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Will the public’s unfamiliarity with these villains keep them as sustained viewers for a season though? While it would be tremendously engaging for comic-book die-hards, who’ve seen the Dark Knight tussle with fan favorite Anarky, hopefully newer fans will tune in and provide support just like audiences for the Green Lantern Animated series.

Professor Pyg!

It would be awesome to see classic villains like Killer Croc, Clayface and of course The Joker, make their debuts too with this new series.

Latest trailer via Examiner:

Here's the teaser trailer via IGN:

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