April 17, 2012

The New 52: Animal Man Issue 8 Review

The Rot creatures are closing in on Buddy Baker and his family. Will Animal Man and daughter Maxine protect their family in time before they all become victims of the terrifying menace that has upturned their lives?

Animal Man issue 8 continues The Rot storyline from the start of the series. Jeff Lemire is still on board as writer while new artist Steve Pugh brings his own terrifying renditions of the Rot.  Lemire continues to keep readers on edge with the series' monthly offerings of suspense and terror. Issue 8 is no different along with Pugh's masterful return to the series. The original Animal Man first series artist's depictions of the Rot are as terrifying since artist Travel Foreman's run on the title.

However, the current saga is beginning to run it's course at this point and inserting some new subplots would be a sorely needed request. The development of Maxine as a powered being this early in the new series, shows that Lemire is clearly showing readers that he is taking the character to new heights and provides intriguing new possibilities on the horizon. There's only so much we can take looking at these horrific creatures plaguing the Baker family though!

Buddy Baker makes his final stand
Maxine's terrifying transformation!

As with the rest of issue 8, Buddy is clearly having guilt issues of plunging his family in this current mess with the Rot. While its admirable that he finally heads off to face the terrifying horde of possessed animals, the fight does not end well for Buddy. I admire the depictions of Buddy and his family interactions. Again, this one of Lemire's best strengths with the new series, in portraying the family man/superhero. That there are certain risks when you choose this lifestyle and it's not like he's some determined bachelor crime fighter from Gotham City.
The Good: Wonderful depiction of the modern-day superhero family troubles

The Bad: The current dilemma for Animal Man is just too long and eight issues in, we'd like to see some new stories.

Final Verdict: B

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