April 20, 2012

The Secret Service: Issue 1 Review

If the gigantic superhero slugfest that’s going on right now (Avengers vs X-Men) doesn't interest you at all, then please pick up Mark Millar and Dave Gibbon’s The Secret Service.  It’s a fantastic story of human drama captured so brilliantly well, by these two industry legends.  Moreover, it’s an engaging and touching story of two drastically different lives and the circumstances that will bring them together. 

The debut issue features a fantastic opening subplot of the kidnapping of Mark Hamill, yes that Mark Hamill!  The rescue attempt by the British Secret Service doesn't exactly end well, thanks in part to budget cuts.  This opening sequence, which is partly dark comedy, was enough to get me hooked on the series for good.  Furthermore our main storyline brings us to Jack London, an agent who rose above his impoverished upbringing to become part of the organization.  It’s those same childhood roots that pull him into a new chapter as a family member needs a favor with her troubled son.  Millar and Gibbons captures the striking differences between London’s life and that of the nephew he attempts to help out. The rest of the saga begins from there.

Secret Service Agent Jack London
Secret Service is not your average superhero fare and despite Gibbons involvement, don’t expect anything reminiscent of his Martha Washington days just yet.  If you enjoy Hellblazer, Saga and Preacher then this series is definitely for you.  Look for a movie adaptation down the road as well.

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