April 20, 2012

The New 52: Wonder Woman Issue 8 Review

Wonder Woman finally makes her descent into Hell to find the missing Zola. Aided by Hephaestus and the weapons he has provided for her, are these enough for whatever she encounters down in Hades’ realm? 

Wonder Woman in Hell
Issue 8 continues the current storyline wherein Wonder Woman’s companion Zola, has been kidnapped by Hades after their confrontation in London. Seeking help from other gods, Hephaestus has generously given her weapons and other armaments in her journey to rescue Zola. Finding themselves in Hell, Wonder Woman is in for a shock as the place she thought it would be, isn’t what it seems after all, or is it? A brief reunion with Zola leads to a showdown with Hades himself. While the god of the underworld allows Zola and Hermes to depart, the conclusion of this issue is another shocker for readers as well.

Overall Wonder Woman issue 8 will stun readers once again. That’s been the highlight of Brian Azzarello’s writing, is that he will leave you hanging on and clamoring for the next issue! He’s left us with some great subplots and more characters for Wonder Woman to get entangled with, despite some of the controversy of the themes and characterizations he has depicted within these pages. Admittedly, some of the characters’ dialogue seems too succinct at times. I guess there’s only so much you can cram in an issue? Oh, should I mention the amount of gore again? You would have never seen the amount of blood and carnage depicted in this series as opposed to during George Perez’s revitalization of the character, back in the days! Furthermore, we’ve got some unresolved storylines waiting in the wings so stay tuned as to what Azzarello has in store for them and our heroine.

Wonder Woman's new weapons
Is there anything left to say about Cliff Chiang’s wonderful artwork? The stunning visualizations of Hephaestus, Hades, Hera are unique and not your typical portrayals of these mythological beings. Hade’s underworld looks inviting too, right down to the maggot’s coming out of his minion’s mouths! Don’t ever leave this book, Chiang!

The Good: Another solid action filled story
The Bad: Once again Azzarello stuns us with a shocking finale for this issue!
Final Verdict: A

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