May 7, 2012

Next Generation iPhone : Our Wish List

With the next generation iPhone possibly debuting later this year, here's a few of our requests and changes when it comes to the look and feel of the revered device. Maybe the fine folks at Cupertino will listen? These are strictly hardware changes though:


Of course when it comes to design it's very subjective.  The flat side areas of the current generation is handy for those who've desired placing the phone down on a flat surface to snap pictures or take movies. We wouldn't necessarily mind a design change but retaining this flat surface would still be welcome. Third-party vendors like Hipstamatic sell their own integrated case/stand for this latest model.


Unfortunately the baseline 16 GB model just doesn't cut it when it comes to storage capacity. It becomes a problem when you are storing movies, music and other media on your phone. The iCloud service is great in allowing us to redownload media onto our devices but many of us would still like to keep our media files on our phone. Here's hoping the next generation phone comes with a standard 32 GB capacity for storage.


Would be pushing it to the limit by asking for a slight increase in screen real estate size? Maybe with the redesign we could get at least a half-inch added to the current screen size. This may involve just a reshuffling of some of the internal hardware components. Then again, the Home button could use a smaller look and feel.

The original iPhone as pictured was quite the game-changer and shook the design for all smartphones that followed to come. Maybe this year's model will do the same.

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