May 8, 2012

Review: Amazing Spiderman Issue 683

Spiderman brings some heavy hitters namely, The Avengers to help him stop Dr. Ock and his mad scheme. Will even the combined force of Earth's mightiest heroes be enough to stop the Sinister Six and Dr. Octopus from completing his goal of world destruction?

Ends of the Earth part two

Utilizing the services of the Sinister Six, Dr. Octopus begins his mad plan of world domination. He sends them out individually to collect certain items of interest for his goal. Furthermore, the world leaders, government officials and scientific luminaries debate the veracity of Doc Ock's technology to reverse the effects of global warming. Spiderman along with The Avengers quickly interrupt this gathering to plead them to listen to reason.  However, Doc Ock is one step ahead and his own mole planted at the conference as The Chameleon is secretly in disguise. The outcome of this showdown at this conference is quite hilarious though despite The Chameleon leaving freely after being outed.

The highlight of this issue is the battle between The Avengers and the Sinister Six. I will not spoil the details but it does not bode well for one of the teams involved.  The epic battle is quick with writer Dan Slott easily reducing the Sinister Six's ranks in the aftermath. With The Avengers facing the X-Men in their own limited series, it's comforting to know, they actually have time to help out Spiderman! Now with the brute strength of Red Hulk and the might of Thor, the battle results will either stun or evoke a negative response from readers. 

Overall, Amazing Spiderman 683 is another good read from Dan Slott and is essentially an engaging story within the miniseries. The artwork from Stefano Caselli is top-notch as well. Of course readers may disagree with the outcome of the battle between the Sinister Six and The Avengers though. However, Slott does not make it out to seem like a one-sided victory and the battle does feature injuries and losses on both sides. 

The Good: solid storyline

The Bad: A quick end to the epic battle between The Sinister Six and The Avengers

Final Verdict: A

Images courtesy Marvel Comics

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