May 3, 2012

PROMETHEUS Movie Trailer

"We were so wrong…”

We’re nearing a month until the premiere of Ridley Scott’s science fiction-horror film Prometheus.  The movie once conceived to be a prequel to Scott’s Alien and subsequent Aliens franchise, has veered into its own separate and distinct story, while still maintaining some connections to the original saga. 

The plot focuses on an expedition funded by the Weyland Corporation, deep into outer space following the discovery of a galactic map of sorts, possibly explaining the origins of humanity and the universe itself.

This epic 3-minute trailer showcases a new alien life form (the bad guys basically), breathtaking worlds, the Space Jockey beings and yes, minor details of the upcoming movie. The cast includes: Charlize Theron is Vickers, a Weyland employee traveling along to monitor the expedition; Michael Fassbender as David, an eighth-generation android developed by Weyland Corp and Noomi Rapace as an archaeologist who discovers the so-called star map found within separate cultural ruins and is also a key protagonist of the film. 

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Image and trailer copyright 20th Century Fox

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