May 3, 2012

Review: Earth 2 Issue 1

Writer James Robinson’s highly anticipated Earth 2 series certainly doesn’t disappoint but it does leave us wanting more of the story introduced early on in this awesome first issue.

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Earth 2 focuses on the reintroduction of Golden Age versions of The Flash, Green Lantern and many others into the New 52 universe, on a parallel Earth that is. Given the continuity changes in the New 52 timeline, a Golden Age of superheroes never existed and this was Robinson’s way of bringing these timeless characters back into the fold. You’ll see their alter egos make their brief debuts as well as many hints regarding other characters.

Earth 2 Batman in action
The initial parts of the debut issue, highlights DC’s Trinity (Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman) fighting off parademons and racing their way to destroy Darkseid’s machines, to end Apokolips’ invasion of Earth. You’ll see the devastation and destruction of this parallel world, led by Steppenwolf, who plays a key role in the final battle that ultimately ends the war. There are many casualties indeed, including Lois Lane, hinted by Superman (and by DC Comics early on) as well as his beloved adopted city of Metropolis, where the Trinity’s last stand takes place.

This leads to my only gripe with this debut issue of Earth 2 is that unfortunately, this is all we get of DC’s Trinity. We won’t reveal any more details and spoil it for you but we hope Robinson delves into the background stories of these parallel heroes. The buildup of the characters was just so tremendous leading up to the first issue and it’s during this issue, that’ll you instantly develop an emotional bond and cling on to them as well.

The Good: A engaging story with a nod to the timeless inspiration of DC’s Trinity; don’t the subtle hints introduced in this issue

The Bad: This is all we get of DC’s Trinity!

Final Verdict: A 

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