May 10, 2012

Review: World's Finest Issue 1

Did the second title related to the Earth 2 parallel world saga, live up to the hype? World’s Finest issue 1 doesn’t disappoint with a great kickoff story. 

It’s hard not to pick up a comicbook when you have a trio of legends such as writer Paul Levitz and artists George Perez and Kevin Maguire, pouring their talents into it.  World’s Finest is of course, the story of The Huntress and Powergirl and their adventures in our Earth. Both were originally from the parallel world of Earth 2 but were somehow transported to our planet after the end of the Apokolips War on their world.  In that world, Helena Wayne was known as Robin and Karen Starr was Supergirl.

Fine dining in Japan
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The debut issue focuses on Starr’s attempts to journey back to their world. A mysterious explosion at Starr Labs in Japan kicks things off as well. You’ll also enjoy the flashback scenes of the duo, featuring the talents of Maguire.  There was something about Starr though, that seemed she had a bit of arrogance in her personality. Maybe I’m judging the restaurant scenes in a different way but personally, Starr was depicted as Paris Hilton with x-ray vision! You obviously will interpret it differently but I felt the character’s dialogue throughout the issue alludes to my judgment of her.  

Huntress races off to help Powergirl
World’s Finest issue 2 furthers the Earth 2/parallel world connection masterfully. You’ll see subtle hints to related comics such as the recent Huntress miniseries and the Mr. Terrific series. I will assume that Levitz will continue the story of our two protagonists trying to devise some method of returning to their original world.  The debut issue has a few developing subplots and being stuck on our world, you should expect some involvement with the other New 52 heroes and characters in due time. The flashback scenes are wonderful and hope to see more of the duo's past adventures on their own planet as well. 

Final Verdict: A

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