May 9, 2012

Review: SUPERCROOKS Issue 2

Despite the lack of action in SUPERCROOKS issue 2 it's still a great read. Drop by your local comic store and grab a copy of the first issue if it is still available. The dramatic story introduced by Mark Millar, in the debut issue continues on.

With SUPERCROOKS issue 2 the focus of the story centers on Johnny Bolt recruiting the team that he needs to pull off his master scheme. One by one we are introduced to the criminal underworld and Bolt's past associates. Each potential team has their own distinct ability and power.  Together with Carmine, Johnny Bolt tries to convince these past and former associates in hopes of securing their services. 

There's Ghost considered the world's greatest burglar, TK McCabe a telekinetic, Forecast an individual who can control the weather and many other interesting characters.  Trust me, the last set of associates gets a bit interesting in terms of what they can offer to the team. Once the gathered group arrives in Spain, Johnny Bolt reveals his ultimate plan in which most of the members strongly object. 

SUPERCROOKS issue 2 deserves your attention and is certainly not a disappointment. Miller's engaging story and portrayal of Bolt and his plan to assist Carmine, blurs the line between antihero and villain. I find myself cheering on Johnny and his crazy scheme. Of course, the ultimate blame goes to Carmine for pulling off that insane casino robbery attempt from the first issue.  You can't help but understand Johnny's point of view and compassion in wanting to help um, a fellow criminal like Carmine though. 

Issue 2 delivers with a solid story by Mark Millar that has wanting more. Once again Leinil Yu continues to dazzle with his amazing artwork. Yu's style perfectly reflects the tone of the book and series overall as I've mentioned in the debut issue review. I should remind readers that there's a lot of violence in this issue in this series and as such it's only for mature readers. 

Final Verdict: A

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