June 19, 2012

Review: Amazing Spiderman Issue 685

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Amazing Spiderman Issue 685 
Ends of The Earth Part 4

Battling the Sandman in the previous issue seemed like an easy feat for Spiderman and his new teammates Silver Sable and The Black Widow. Can they stop another member of The Sinister Six and ultimately defeat Doctor Octopus and his mad scheme?

After taking down The Sandman in their quest to destroy Doctor Octopus' installations worldwide, the team of Spiderman, Black Widow and Silver Sable battle The Rhino in North Korea at one of Doc Ock's missle sites. Spiderman scolds Silver Sable for not ensuring the safety of innocent lives during the conflict. The battle is furious indeed but is soon interrupted by S.H.I.E.L.D. forces, before any more harm can come to the local military and civilians.

Spiderman is quickly dismayed when he finds out that the organization isn't on his side of things.

Later Spiderman finds out from his comrades in Horizon, that Doc Ock's technology lives up to it's promise of ending global warming once and for all. Spiderman is still adamant of course, that Doc Ock has another motive up his sleeve. Meanwhile, deep in the depths of Doc Ock's lair, is there dissension brewing within the thinning ranks of his team? Find out as Doc Ock bolsters his ranks on a global level, reaching out to international recruits for his plan. Unfortunately, are Spiderman and his own troops too late when they journey to another satellite manufacturing factory?

Amazing Spiderman issue 685 is another fantastic romp in the Ends of The Earth storyline by writer Dan Slott. Despite a break in the action mid-issue, things pick up again and Slott delivers another masterful cliffhanger ending. Visual chores by artist Humberto Ramos come off as cartoony-ish but are stunning nonetheless. Certain panels are just mind-blowing and scream pure intensity, capturing Slott's script well.

Note: the variant cover incorrectly lists this issue as "Part Five". 

Final verdict: A

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