June 25, 2012

Review: American Vampire - Lord of Nightmares Issue 1

It's postwar Europe and the world's most dangerous vampire is kept and locked down by the vampire-hunting agency, Vassals of the Morning Star, in London. So what brings Vassals agent Hobbes, straight to the home of exiled agent, Felicia Book?

American Vampire: Lord of Nightmares is the latest miniseries from writer Scott Snyder and artist Dustin Nguyen. As the title implies, the miniseries shines the spotlight on one of the most famous vampires known to mankind! The first issue kicks off with a brazen attempt to free the dark one by none other than Renfield himself! All it takes is one simple crack to break down the most secure places, in this case, Vassals of The Morning Star headquarters in London, and free the dark lord himself! Hastily off to Paris, Hobbes desperately meets up with former agent Felicia Book, who herself has another intriguing story altogether.

Overall, the debut issue's buildup is excellent with great pacing and dialogue of the initial pages. Snyder throws in more mystery with another protagonist and character who is intertwined with Book. Nguyen's hazy art is a perfect complement to this series.

This miniseries is an excellent story for new and old fans to sink their teeth into! Snyder leaves the readers with an ending that leaves us hungering for more!

Final Verdict: A

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