June 28, 2012

Review: Daredevil Issue 14

Transported to the country of Latveria, Daredevil is about to discover what happens when you cross with those involved with the Megacrime Families. Will our hero escape his latest ordeal?

Daredevil's recent adventures with Megacrime Families, involving Punisher and Spiderman have rippling effects in issue 14. As we discovered last issue, Murdock was suddenly teleported from the cozy confines of the Avengers mansion, to the country of Latveria for reasons unknown. Imprisoned in a glass enclosure, Daredevil meets Chancellor Beltane, who is not pleased with hornhead's recent interference with Megacrime and the potential financial windfall, it would've created for Latveria. Rather than torturing or even killing our hero on sight, Beltrane injects the enclosure with a gas and allows our hero to go free. Of course, Daredevil is hardly pleased with the situation and after a scuffle with Beltrane's forces, heads off to escape.

Daredevil eventually learns that the gas is affecting his abilities and with the help of the locals, he makes an effort to literally jump out of Latveria. Or does he? Waid throws a curveball at the end that you'll have to see.

Daredevil issue 14 is another solid issue from Mark Waid and artist Chris Samnee. It's the first step in the Latverian Odyssey that our hero is about to endure. Despite the unfamiliar surroundings for him, Waid has our hero adjust to the situation, despite the effects of the gas.  We can only speculate that in the next issue, we may truly find a helpless Daredevil, lacking the very senses he relies upon.

Final Verdict: A 

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