June 21, 2012

Review: New Avengers Issue 27

It's another Avengers vs X-Men tie-in, as Hope Summers is in the ancient city of K'un Lun, where she discovers more of the connection between the Phoenix Force and The Iron Fist! What does Spiderman have planned for her as well?

In New Avengers issue 27, we learn the fate of the other red-headed Iron Fist, Fongji, and her own encounter with the Phoenix Force ages ago. Standing with Master Yu Ti and Leonardo Da Vinci, the Phoenix Force arrives and encounters Fongji head on. Basically it's dragon versus phoenix and the latter comes out on top. Fongji later disappears from Earth, consumed by the Phoenix Force entity, wearing a garb similar to Jean Grey's costume, during Grey's own encounter. All of this is being explained to Hope Summers by Daniel Rand as Summers struggles to understand why she is cooped up in the city.

Hope Summers later discovers that she has to be trained by Spiderman and both are puzzled by the very notion.  The resulting encounter between both of them is quite hilarious.

Overall, New Avengers issue 27 despite lacking much action has tremendously wonderful and humorous dialogue by writer Brian Michael Bendis and superb art by Mike Deodato.  The portrayal of the impatient and impulsive Summers is greatly done and that despite the grave situation at hand, it's an enjoyable issue with a very light tone.

It does offer insight into the Phoenix Force and it's Earthly mystical connection. The cover echoes Jean's Grey distinct look, decades ago, when she dealt with the Phoenix Force. I wonder if Bendis meant this issue to be a tribute to Chris Claremont, since Claremont wrote both Iron First and The X-Men? Bravo. 

Final Verdict: A

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