June 22, 2012

Review: Wonder Woman Issue 10

 The Bride Wore Red

A woman has a right to change her mind, even right there at the altar. Are there any consequences though, when your spouse to be, is none other than the Lord of the Underworld? Will Wonder Woman escape Hades' clutches and his dark realm as well? Did you bring your wedding gifts as well?

Just when you thought Wonder Woman was about to be married to Hades, writer Brian Azzarello throws us for a curve and changes things for the better. Coming to her senses, right before being hanged by her own lasso in order to prove her love to Hades, Wonder Woman manages to escape and free herself from the ceremony. The amazing buildup from last issue left many of us in shock given Azzarello's other controversial elements so far, he had us thinking Wonder Woman would be eternally stuck down in the underworld! Hades does his best to contain Diana but the Amazon fights through.

Wonder Woman lays down the law with Hades and explains to him, what her interpretation of what love is all about.

Later, a discussion between all of the gathered deities, including Strife and Hephaestus, culminates in the team leaving Hades' realm. Hephaestus offers a consolation gift to the Lord of the Underworld before they depart. Wonder Woman, in an act of sympathy for Hades, fires a love bullet from Eros' pistol, straight to the heart of Hades.

The anticlimatic end of issue 10 isn't what most were probably expecting, but it is a solid read. The emotion-laden issue is another testimony to Azzarello's talent as he delivers some great dialogue and exchange between Hades and the other characters. Tony Akins' artwork is amazing as ever, whether he's the new artist or not, he's certainly kept us hooked with his visual treats. Despite the focus on the heavy dialogue, you'll still be amazed by this issue's blood-soaked and action-filled pages!

Final Verdict: A-

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