June 13, 2012

Sword and Sorcery: Amethyst


This fall marks the return of Amethyst Princess of Gemworld, in a new title simply called "Sword and Sorcery".

It marks the first appearance of Amy Winston in the New 52 timeline despite sporadic and notable appearances during Infinite Crisis and Flashpoint. Acclaimed writer Christy Marx (JEM, Sisterhood of Steel, Conan) helms the new adventures for Winston.

We can't help but wonder if the character's revival is inspired by the success of the Hunger Games and The Twilight series.  Moreover, perhaps with the popularity of comic-books in general, maybe the time is right for her return as well?

A female character in the genre of sword and sorcery, headlining this new series, is certainly a welcome addition and departure from titles such as Batgirl, World's Finest, Supergirl and other DC superheroine-based books.  Bring on the magic!

The new series makes it's debut on September 19, 2012 with a zero issue. A backup story featuring Beowulf has also been announced. Perhaps Travis Morgan aka Warlord might make his return as well?

Most of her classic comics are also separately available via Amazon. Furthermore, DC Comics also plans to release a collection of her classic issues consisting mainly of her debut in Legion of Superheroes, miniseries and other appearances, to coincide with the debut of her new series.

The paperback is available for pre-order below via Amazon

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