September 1, 2012

Review: American Vampire Issue 30

Pearl and Skinner Sweet continue their Hollywood hunt, eliminating the vampire threat amongst the community. Is it all work and no play? What happens when things get a little heated between our two protagonists?

Writer Scott Snyder throws in a new plot twist! In part three of "The Blacklist" storyline, our dynamic duo continues their quest in Tinsel Town, in exterminating vampires for the VMS. To save her dying husband Henry, Pearl cut a deal with the organization on this daunting quest, which also reunited her with Skinner Sweet. Now it's not so cut and dry as you would imagine and Snyder delivers a wrinkle in our current plot.

If you've enjoyed the sexual tension between Skinner and Pearl all these years, then boy are you in for a treat! Snyder certainly addresses this emotional dilemma between these two longtime friends head on and the lasting consequences are sure to endanger everyone everyone them. Is Skinner to blame and does he have an ulterior motive behind it? Or can we easily say that both of our heroes were just caught up in the moment?

 Of course, it begs to ask why Snyder chose to do this, risking fan backlash over these two beloved characters. I hope that the series isn't in danger of ending anytime soon. Rafael Albuquerque again handles the art chores and I have always enjoyed his depictions of Pearl and her curly locks. Vibrant coloring work certainly adds depth to each panel! Fans will certainly be left shocked with this issue's ending. For better or worse, there's no turning back!

 Final Verdict: A

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