September 26, 2012

Review: Happy Issue 1

What starts off as a violent romp of a Christmas story at first, has an unbelievable aspect that can only come from the genius mind of Grant Morrison. If you don't mind the profanity, get on your saddle and hang on for the ride!

Comic fans aren't strangers to the fascinating stories from writer Grant Morrison. His classic revamps of The Doom Patrol and Animal Man and his own original creations like The Invisibles and We3, have left him adored by fans throughout the years.

Of course, there is his seminal work on Batman including his current run on Action Comics and Batman, Inc. as well. So when a radical concept and idea like his latest miniseries from Image Comics, simply titled "Happy", you have to take peek at what Morrison is up to. Not since the creation of Flex Mentallo, has there been a more interesting work that Morrison has engaged in.

Happy issue one goes beyond simply another violent comic book but rather challenges the reader to accept what Morrison is presenting in this outrageous story. The story centers around Nick Sax, our protagonist, a former cop who now has become a hitman. During a job that goes bad, Sax's life which so far has been filled with and amounted to sex, betrayal and corruption is about to be turned upside down by Happy, a blue horse!

Interestingly enough, Happy appears to him after Sax faces near death. Is Happy, Sax's guardian angel, offering him another chance at life? The strange start of this four issue miniseries begins from there, as Sax is about to encounter the wrath of the mob! Amazing artwork by Darick Robertson complements this wonderful yet outlandish tale by Morrison.

Final Verdict: A

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