September 27, 2012

Review: American Vampire Issue 31

Despite a moderately dull issue for the most part, writer Scott Snyder turns up the heat in the latter pages of the ending.  Surprises are in store for one of the characters as Snyder pulls out a blast from the past.

Rather than thrill us with another action filled issue from start to finish, Snyder gives readers some down time in American Vampire issue 31.  We mostly find our protagonists Pearl and Skinner Sweet away from hunting the vampire threats in Hollywood and hunkered down in VMS headquarters.  Of course, after last issue's pulse pounding revelation, Snyder simply glosses over that incident and moves on with the storyline.  Oh, it's addressed by both characters but is left as an afterthought, at least by one of them.

Snyder shows us the true nature of one of the characters but it isn't something we haven't known since issue one.  There's no turning back with this plot element that Snyder has thrown in and the lives of our favorite characters will never be the same after this story arc. That is, if they survive at all.  Issue 31 isn't a complete letdown as Snyder has more surprises waiting for readers at the end of this story.  This issue takes from deep underground VMS headquarters to the far off desert landscape of Los Angeles. It's another shocking plot reveal and will turn things upside down even more.

We've come full circle with the reunion of Pearl and Skinner, so maybe it's fitting and timely that Snyder introduces this new wrinkle and draws in again back to the early issues. Lastly, there's an interesting element that readers should take note of that goes beyond the usual amazing artistry of Rafael Albuquerque.  That is, view each panel and setting carefully because the color work by Dave McCaig is simply remarkable and successfully conveys each scene as the story progresses.  McCaig's work masterfully transports readers from one completely different place to another.

Final Verdict: B

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