December 3, 2012

Review: Masks Issue 1

Classic heroes of yesteryear gather together to fight against corruption and the criminal underworld. Will they succeed in their fight or be overwhelmed by the multitude of government forces against them?  

After the glancing the spectacular Alex Ross artwork of Masks issue 1 through online previews, I knew I was already hooked in! Add in a great story by writer Chris Roberson and you have a captivating debut issue of the 8-part miniseries. A crossover event of this magnitude certainly won't disappoint readers who may not be too familiar with a majority of the pulp heroes featured here, such as The Shadow and The Spider. However, Roberson's depictions of these characters certainly make them timeless for all to enjoy.

Roberson firmly plants readers firmly, with convincingly good story and complementing dialogue of the era and of course, smoking amongst some of the characters. Together with Green Hornet and Kato, our protagonists must fight against a government brimming with corruption and protect helpless citizens against laws and system once meant to protect but now enslave them.  What more could be said about Ross' jaw-dropping artwork? Capturing every emotion and expression as he has done previously, it almost makes readers wonder and guess who he used as a reference for these characters. The all-star cast of this story certainly harkens back to Ross' other masterpieces, Kingdom Come and Marvels. Ross is also unforgiving with some other panels midway, causing more than enough "wow moments" for readers.

The opening scenes were a bit confusing and initially hard to follow, given the dark colors utilized in some of the panels. Furthermore, I felt the courtroom scenes were probably unnecessary, unless it served as a subplot and a hint of events to come. Nevertheless, Roberson's story is well paced and ultimately serves as a teaser for the action thats bound to come.

Final Verdict: A

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