February 8, 2013

Batman, Incorporated: April WTF

For DC Comics' April WTF cover art event, we take another guess at which character will be in the interior foldout cover for Batman Incorporated!

DC Comics has an interesting initiative for the month of April, with it's "WTF Certified" foldout covers.  Batman Incorporated issue 10 set to be released on April 24 is no exception. The solicitation is as follows:

"When only one can survive, which will it be: the man or the bat?"

One of the April WTF certified plotline teasers included this tidbit:

"A close encounter of The Dark Knight kind"

This teaser probably refers to the sci-fi movie, "Close Encounters of The Third Kind".

If you've read Batman Incorporated Issue 7, you may have seen the Dark Knight trapped in a safe and one accompanying scene harkens back to a previous storyline by writer Grant Morrison.

Trapped in a safe! Batman, Inc. issue 7

This is one of the first hints of who will appear!


In the classic "Batman R.I.P. " storyline, the villain Batman faces is known as Dr. Simon Hurt and his Club of Villains gang (among other identities he uses). The phrase "Zur-En-Arrh" was once used by Dr. Hurt as a trigger mechanism in an isolation experiment involving the Dark Knight.  During the "Batman R.I.P." storyline, this phrase uttered by Bruce Wayne, unleashes the "Planet X Batman" persona.

The Planet X Batman persona was far more violent with criminals and the appearance of the Bat-Mite being, was there to restrain and provide guidance to this new persona.

The Joker is used as a pawn by the Club of Villains to lure the Dark Knight, resulting in a small confrontation. Later on, Batman is defeated by the gang and also placed in a coffin and buried!

Batman RIP: Joker vs. Batman

Comparing the Batman, Inc. and Batman RIP pages presented with the similar panel work, it's easy to guess who will appear on the fold-out cover:

We think either Planet X Batman or Bat-Mite will be featured on the interior cover by artist Chris Burnham!

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